20 August 2009

It's a busy life

I know, I know. Everyone's life is busy. Well so is mine, and this is my blog, so I can write about it here all I want.

Well, first off, my daughter is 10 1/2 months old going on 2 years. Yikes. How has the time flown by so fast? She started crawling almost a month ago, and she's pulling up on the furniture and "cruising". Soon, she'll be walking. We've already started baby-proofing, but as my wife indicated, she now knows how to open the kitchen cabinets, so I'm going to have to install those door stops we bought the other day...

My wife is working two jobs right now, and taking care of our daughter while I work and try to get through grad school. Needless to say, I couldn't do it without her. (Honey - I love you!) I am about 25% of the way done with the program; the last class is in November of next year. I am learning a lot (and not just going to school, an important difference Seth Godin points out in his blog).

I have managed to find time to golf this summer, and I've probably been out about 10 times this year. I wish I had unlimited time and money for golf because my scores are falling, and I'm really enjoying it. I think my wife would kill me if I golfed any more...

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