30 November 2007

Why I'm here

You know my name, but what you may not know is my game.*

Here's some of what I'm about: friends and family, my pets, education, careers, kids (yes, I want some - SOON), trucks not cars, computers, DVR, Coke not Pepsi (but Mountain Dew is acceptable), snow, 4x4, motorcycles, bullshitting, GPS nav, drinking beer, college football, shooting rubber bands at co-workers, poker, chili (I won my work's Chili cook-off in 2005), Christian fundamentals, rescuing animals, the farmer's market, hot wings, NPR, moderate libertarianism, the Discovery Channel, Michigan State, democracy, bill of rights, Ted Nugent, having a "Stop Global Warming" sign in my front yard and driving a 14 mpg truck, Gmail, setting annoying co-worker's computers to high contrast mode (Alt-Left Shift-Print Screen, try it - you'll laugh, they won't), technology, conservation, high fidelity, AC/DC, google, PC not Mac (yet), connections, facebook more than MySpace, craigslist, Nextel, and night school.

*Always subject to change.

01 November 2007

The mall has become a strange place.

While walking through the Crossroads mall with my lovely wife a few weeks ago, we stumbled across this image of nakedness outside Hollister:

Needless to say I was a little surprised...

Sacred cows.

The saying "No sacred cows" is offensive?