26 April 2009

Twitter for Business? Help!

If you didn't know, I'm pursuing my MBA.

I am currently working on a research project trying to discover the effects of Twitter on productivity at work. Here is a good article about how people can get started using Twitter for business.

I started with this preliminary question: What is the effect on employees’ productivity if they are utilizing social networking tools for work-related purposes at work? Does it result in greater productivity, or is it just a waste of time that results in more internet surfing?

My problem statement has been revised to read as: How can use of the social networking and micro-blogging service Twitter increase productivity in the workplace?

My hypothesis is that the use of Twitter actually decreases the amount of time necessary to disseminate ideas and also promotes quick and easy conversations. I'm sure there are more benefits, and some are outlined in the article from above, especially under the heading Some Positives to Throw Back.

Please, if you have any thoughts on this topic, or articles to share, respond in the comments section.

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