02 January 2009

iPhone Google App Secret Menu

Check this one out. The developers at Google put some secret options in their Google App for iPhone. From Just Another iPhone Blog®:

To reveal the Bells and Whistles section, you need to continuously swipe upwards on the ‘About’ button on the Settings page for the app. This should show you Bells and Whistles as an extra menu item. From that menu you can:

  • Change the theme color of the app
  • Change the default sound (to a monkey or a chicken)
  • Choose a waveform to appear when you speak
  • Set whether to have links open within the app

Not a huge new range of settings, but better than a kick in the teeth, and sounds like the Google Mobile team had a lot of fun adding these.

I prefer the bright green theme color with the chicken sounds.


Chris said...

Perhaps I'll give it another look. For voice-based search, I've been using Vlingo.

Jesse Palmer said...

@Chris I haven't tried Vlingo, but I can't say I really have a use for voice based search at the moment. Maybe in the future we'll be able to turn our phones on and do all interfacing with it with our voices...or our thoughts... ;)