01 July 2008

Older, but no wiser.

I turned 26 on Sunday. Another year. This year seemed to be filled with gray hairs. They seem to be multiplying. A few things have changed from last year, but not much. One thing is that I'm trying to focus on this year is my health.

I still work at my pfun job, and I passed the six year mark here. Regardless of the bad press they've been gettting, and all the cuts that have been occuring, I still love my job. I can't complain - I've got it pretty good.

I'm looking forward to our baby this fall. Boy or Girl, doesn't matter to me - I'll love it just the same either way! Boys would probably be easier to deal with though...

I'm closing in on the end of my journey for a Bachelor's degree. I'll be done at the beginning of February. Woohoo! Then I get to decide what's next - MBA, back to Engineering, or be done...? Who knows what's in store for me.

The better half's been doing very well with the pregnancy. I finally felt the baby kick last week, Thursday, I think!

My new niece brings me joy.

That's all for now. Enjoy my current favorite song. (Sorry, embedding wasn't allowed.)

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Laurie said...

Happy (belated) birthday. Sorry I couldn't make your party but I had to party like a rockstar with Gramma.