06 December 2007

Belle (Bell) Tire

Went to get an alignment on the gas guzzler after work today. They told me it would take an hour, so I told them to call on my cell when it was done and I headed to Circuit City to buy Superbad, and to check out the latest technology. Oh, how I love technology. Do you love technology? Anyways, I came back an hour and a half later and it still wasn't done - bastards. Anyways, they finished it up real-quick-like (after some prodding) and knocked a whole $5 off the price.

Anyways, back to Superbad. I'm really excited about watching it tonight. Laurie said Superbad was a superbad movie, so it better be, or I'm sending her a bill for $18. But I'm keeping the free skullcap that came with the DVD...